Sheriff’s Report: October

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July 30 Boating battery

 After spending the day on a boat together consuming alcohol, an argument erupted between two people about money. One adult yelled at a child who was present, which caused the child’s parent to yell at the adult. The altercation became physical, involving hair-pulling and head trauma. Another person tried to separate the two, but the aggressor quickly punched him in the face. After the sheriff arrived on the scene and broke up the encounter, both victims decided not to press charges and all parties continued on their separate ways.

Aug. 4 Burglary

 The victim reported to the police that several items had been stolen from the carport attached to her home. She was in the process of moving at the time, so many of her belongings were still being stored under the carport. Some items were also outside on tables because she had recently held a yard sale. There were no security cameras nearby that showed any possible suspects.

Aug. 20 Misplaced watch

Complainant reported a watch missing from his bedroom.  He reported that it was last on his nightstand and that there were three movers in the house the day it went missing.   The victim contacted the moving company and was advised that the movers did not report finding the watch.  The complainant subsequently found the watch, and the case was closed.

Sept. 1 Filched foot

Victim stated he noticed his car had been “gone through” but didn’t think anything was missing.  However, his bank subsequently contacted him about stolen checks that were cashed and two that were rejected.  Victim then noticed that a bag was also missing.  The bag contained a prosthetic foot.  A torque wrench and structural scanner were also found missing. The victim found a phone number for the suspect on the cashed check and called her.  Suspect indicated that the stolen items were in a car involved in a recent car crash and therefore were probably lost or destroyed.  The car was not able to be processed as evidence since it had been shipped to be crushed.

Aug. 30 Theft of ring

Complainant indicated a friend had visited to play backgammon and after he left she noticed her ring was missing.  Complainant believes the friend could have taken the ring when he used the master bathroom where the ring was last seen.  The area around the place where the ring was kept was dusted for fingerprints and video surveillance around the home is being reviewed.

Sept. 3 Missing mangoes

Victim noticed that his mango tree did not have any fruit on it.  After reviewing video surveillance, the victim determined that a member of his lawn care service had removed an estimated 60 mangoes from his fruit tree.  The video was submitted as evidence, but the victim subsequently declined to pursue prosecution.

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