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There were a total of 33 crimes committed on the Key from 6/30/13 – 7/22/13
Most notable this month: thefts occurring at the Beach.Beach-goers are reminded to lock their car doors before hitting the sand and to secure their valuables before leaving them unattended on the shore!


  • 6/30: Misdemeanor /Theft    5900 Block Midnight Pass Rd.  A pair of Costas sunglasses was stolen from a beach chair while they were unattended.
  • 7/8: Felony/ Burglary Vehicle  -1220 Block Old Stickney Pt Rd. A victim reported multiple fishing items stolen from an unlocked area of her boat while it was parked at the marina.
  • 7/8: Felony/ Grand Theft – Siesta Beach. Two Bags containing a wallet, cell phone, clothing and other personal items were stolen from the sand while the victims were in the water.
  • 7/14:  Stolen Vehicle Update   1000 Block Point Of Rocks. Complainant informed Sheriff’s office that a jet ski originally reported stolen had been found drifting in the water. It had apparently broken free from it’s mooring and had never been stolen.
  • 7/17:  Felony/ Grand Theft – Siesta Beach.  A beach bag containing a wallet and a phone were stolen when the victim left it on the sand unattended for about 10 minutes.
  • 7/18:  Felony /Burglary Vehicle – North Basin Ln Marina.  A mobile marine repair service reported that a piece of equipment was stolen off of a boat before the installation could be completed. The boat was parked in a secured marina. It appears the suspects came by water to commit this crime.
  • 7/19:  Felony/ Burglary Vehicle – 7000 Block Sanderling Rd. Multiple items were reported stolen off of a boat parked in a private, locked marina. The boat would have been accessible only by water.
  • 7/20: Misdemeanor/ Petit Theft – Siesta Beach. A beachgoer reported that a temporary license plate was removed from his vehicle while it was parked in the beach lot.
  • 7/21:  Misdemeanor/ Petit Theft – 6300 Block Midnight Pass Rd.  A beach bag containing a phone and an ipod was stolen off of the beach. The victim had stepped away for about 45 minutes.

CRIMINAL OF THE MONTH: Man Robs Store After Applying For Job (7/11/2013)
One Florida job applicant found a bold new way to stand out from the competition.  Police say Anthony Thomas, 33, filled out a job application at a gas station in Ocala, Fla., immediately before robbing the place, CF News 13 reported. Apparently he was very thorough in the application, though, because police were able to use the details he provided to track him down after the robbery. Thomas filled out the form at around 10 a.m. Tuesday, and shortly thereafter, he allegedly reached into the cash drawer and grabbed about $130, according to the Ocala Star Banner. Investigators say the theft was caught on surveillance video. Police say Thomas tried to fight them off, but failed, WFTV reported. They added he told them, "I didn't rob no store." No word on whether he got the job.(Story courtesy of Huffington Post –Weird News)






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