Sheriff’s Report Redux

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4/28/20 – Vehicle Burglary
Victim reported observing a man rummaging in the glove box of her car, after apparently finding nothing interesting to steal, he left. Police dusted for prints and collected DNA evidence. The case remains open.

4/28/20 – Vehicle Burglary
Victim discovered his wallet missing from his unlocked vehicle during the morning. He promptly cancelled all three of his credit cards. One of the cards had been used for an online purchase. A neighbor observed an unknown vehicle on the street at 3:55 AM and provided additional information to authorities. Fingerprint and DNA evidence was collected. The case remains open.

5/12/20 – Burglary vehicle
Victim parked her vehicle on Beach Road to go to the beach for several hours. When she returned, the rear passenger side window was broken. Missing items included her Coach purse, iPhone charger, notebook, and $3.00 in miscellaneous change. Victim acknowledged that the purse would have been visible in the car from the street. Fingerprint and DNA evidence was collected, as well as rock and dirt evidence adjacent to the break-in. Investigation continues.

5/13/20 – Battery
The victim was a pool cleaning employee reporting to a job. When he arrived, he was confronted by the angry suspect accusing him of speeding. When he denied the allegation, the suspect pulled a pool pole from the victim’s truck and threw it in a nearby yard. When the victim pushed past the suspect to retrieve the pole, the suspect yelled and pushed the victim, knocking his glasses and hat off in the scuffle. A witness separated the combatants, and the police were called. Upon arrival, the suspect was standing in the middle of the road seeking to apologize to the victim. Upon consideration, the victim decided not to press charges.

5/17/20 – Nonpayment for services received
Victim is a nail technician who booked an appointment by telephone with an unknown male for Defendant to have her nails done. Defendant arrived at the scheduled time and received a pedicure and a full set of nails pursuant to the scheduled appointment, for a total cost of $77.00. Upon completion of the services, Defendant stated that she did not have any money to pay, and “John” was supposed to pay when he called to schedule the appointment. Victim stated that no payment information was provided when the appointment was scheduled. Defendant was unable to provide a phone number, last name, address or any identifying information for “John”. The case is pending.

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