Sherrif’s Report: February 2021

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12/15/20 – theft of property

Complainant reported two bicycles missing from a bike rack outside of an island condo complex. They were locked in the rack adjacent to the parking lot. The bicycles were women’s 26” Trek FX3 models. The case remains open.

12/18/20 – burglary

Complainant reported that part of a boat motor was stolen from a boat in a lift at the Siesta Key Marina. Photographic, video, DNA, and physical evidence was collected at the scene. The motor has not been recovered at this time.

12/19/20 – fraudulent use of personal identity

Complainant reported that an unknown suspect used her name, social security number, and other personal information to open a Verizon Wireless account. Complainant became aware of the account when she obtained a copy of her credit report and learned there was a past-due balance of $189 on the account. Information has been recorded and the case remains open and under investigation.

12/20/20 – battery

Victim reported that he was at the Beach Club with his friend, when his friend got kicked out. The victim went outside to check on his friend when, in the course of conversation on the sidewalk, he commented “this is not New York”. Overhearing him, the defendant allegedly asked, “are you from New York?”, to which the victim replied, “No”. The victim reported that the defendant then abruptly walked up and punched him in the face, right above his lip on the left side, before immediately jumping into a silver truck and driving away. Several witnesses observed the defendant punch the victim. The defendant was detained in her vehicle shortly after the incident and subsequently charged with battery.

1/4/21 – theft of property

Complainant reported that he locked his Schwinn Traxion bicycle in a rack across from his condo overnight. The next day, he found the chain cut and the bike missing. He reported a very noticeable and recognizable description of the bike as being black/gray with neon green/yellow ODI hand grips and a Bontrager seat. Active investigation continues.

1/5/21 – burglary

When Complainant arrived for work, he discovered that the blue lifeguard tower at the public beach was burglarized overnight. Despite having been locked for the night, the front-facing shutter was smashed causing approximately $200 of damage and an American flag valued at approximately $50 was stolen from inside. Photographic evidence was gathered and case process is completed at this time.

1/7/21 – theft of property

Complainant reported that an unknown suspect(s) stole his golf cart from his driveway. The golf cart was stolen sometime between 1/1/21 and 1/7/21. The case has been investigated, and there are no known suspects. No further action is being taken at this time.

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