Sherrif’s Report: May 2024

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April 11, theft

A convenience store reported that a subject entered the store and was observed taking items from the shelves and concealing them. The subject then walked past the point of sale without paying for the items.

The items included a Reese’s candy bar, Nerds candies, a Twix bar, beef jerky, and a large cup of coffee. The items totaled approximately $14.80.  

The subject was located and placed under arrest.

April 16, burglary

A sheriff’s deputy arrived at the scene of a reported burglary. Complainant indicated that approximately $3,000 in cash, which was hidden in a compartment in a bed, was discovered missing. Complainant indicated that no one else had entered his apartment during the relevant period. There was no evidence of forced entry.  

The manager of the clearing service that had access to the apartment was interviewed but denied that the cleaning crew had been in the apartment during the relevant time period.

April 18, theft

Complainant, the owner of a store, indicated to a sheriff’s deputy that a young female had stolen merchandise from his store. Specifically, the complainant indicated that the complainant had taken several items to the dressing room, put most of the items back, purchased a sticker with cash, and then left the store.  

However, the complainant noticed several empty hangers on the floor near where the female had been in the store. The complainant believed that the stolen items consisted of a white swim top valued at $58, a white swim bottom valued at $25, and a white T-shirt valued at $65.  

Photographs of the subject were obtained and processed into evidence.

April 25, check theft

Complainant stated that she mailed a check around March 27 in the amount of $1,785.25 to a homecare company. She received notice from the homecare company that it never received the check.  

The complainant found that the check was cashed at a bank in Seminole County. The check appeared to have been altered to change the name it was made out to but the amount of the check was not changed.

April 26, burglary

Complainant told sheriff’s deputy that someone broke into his vehicle the prior evening. Complainant indicated he parked his vehicle in his driveway around 1 a.m. and, when he approached his vehicle the following morning, he noticed the center console was open.

He alerted his wife and they checked the vehicle and noticed that the center console tray and approximately $30 to $40 in change was missing.

April 29, airline miles theft

Complainant called the sheriff’s office to report that between March 22 and April 1 her airline points were used to purchase various items, including an airline ticket. In total, three purchases were made using her points totaling 103,400 miles.  

The airline gave her the names of the people who made the purchases.  

The sheriff’s office ran all three names through relevant databases.

April 29, marijuana possession and potential check theft

A sheriff’s deputy observed a car speeding with potentially illegal dark tint on the front windows. Upon conducting a traffic stop a small bag of marijuana was discovered. Additionally, checkbooks which did not match the identify of any of the occupants of the car were also discovered.

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