Sheriff’s Report: November, 2020

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9/20-Possession of Marijuana

An officer was on patrol when he began talking to a juvenile who stated that there was someone sleeping in the back of their truck. When the officer asked the sleeping occupant if he was intoxicated, he denied it. Upon conducting a search the officer found a container of what the defendant admitted was a concentrated marijuana substance. The defendant’s mother was contacted and the defendant was arrested.


The victim stated that she was using her laptop in her business on the morning of the incident, then returned after a lunch break to find the laptop not working properly. After consulting an IT person, it was determined that the hard drive had been taken out of the back of the victim’s laptop. She stated that she had locked the front door, and the door to the bathroom that is shared with the business next door. There is also a back door and keypad to the business, however the victim does not know the code. There were no signs of forced entry and no security cameras, so the laptop was taken to be processed for evidence.


The victim is remodeling the incident location, and stated that he left the site mid-afternoon on October 1st. The next morning when he returned, several items, which he had recently purchased but not installed, were missing. He found that the front door was unlocked and believed it had been unlocked the entire night. No residents saw anything unusual that night and no fingerprints were found on the door. There are no suspects at this time.


The victim stated that his security footage showed two male suspects board his docked boat. They began fishing off the boat for approximately two hours, and then stole a fishing rod and tackle box from the port side gunnel and live bait well. The footage is being reviewed by a deputy and further investigation will be conducted.

10/04-Political Theft

The complainant called to report a political sign that was stolen from his property. There are no known suspects at this time.


The victim was tripped and thrown to the ground outside a Village bar by an unknown subject. The victim sustained multiple injuries, but refused medical treatment. A bartender at the bar gave a description of the unknown subject and the direction in which he fled, but there was no success in finding him. The victim later stated that he was aware of the name of the subject and the model of the car he drove. He also said that he had left his suitcase in the subject’s vehicle after being granted permission to do so as a courtesy. Low-quality security footage confirmed this story but could not clearly identify the defendant. The victim was left in the care of his wife and a follow up will be conducted for any further information leading to the subject.


A plaque was reported missing from a park bench located inside Christopher Wheeler Park. The plaque had been secured to the bench with four screws that are still intact on the bench. The location was searched and the plaque was not found. The plaque read: “Smiling, he built communities, homes. True to his family. Always embracing kindness. An angel gracing our lives. Jim “Dawe” Halbert.” There are no suspects at this time.


An officer arrived at the location after a reported disturbance and talked with a guest who claimed that she and a friend had gotten into a verbal argument that led to a physical altercation. The friend confirmed the story but was inconsistent with the sequence in which the events occurred. Both individuals had minor injuries and refused further medical attention. As they were both under the influence of alcohol, the officer could not determine who began the physical violence. Waivers of prosecution were signed by both parties, and one of them also agreed to write a witness statement. The complainant did not want either individual to trespass, but wished to have them both removed from the property.

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