Siesta Key Fitness Center Buys Commercial Property in Village

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By Brion Palmer, Siesta Sand

Sarasota County property records show that Siesta Key Fitness Center LLC purchased the commercial property 5243 Avenida Navarra, in the Siesta Key Village on January 22, 2020 for $1,000,000 from Robasota Real Estate LTD.

Siesta Key Fitness Center LLC is owned by longtime Siesta Key residents Bruce and De Day, who have operated The Siesta Key Fitness Center on that same property since 2007. When I asked The Day’s what it meant to their fitness business to be able to purchase the property they had been leasing for 13 years, they responded by sharing what a huge blessing it was for them and how tremendously thankful they were for the opportunity as commercial property owners to now serve the community well into the future.

Said the Days, “we’d like to start by thanking our awesome customers, both annual residents and visitors for their amazing and continual Support of our island style gym. We would also like to thank Jeff Roberti who sold us the property, even though he had been pursued for years by deep pocketed developers. As a resident of the key himself Jeff Roberti knew that this facility has become a valued asset to the key. Said Bruce, “Jeff knew our operation, he knew that as the only fitness center on the island we did over 30,000 workouts per year, and that if the Siesta Key Fitness center was not here, that would represent 30,000 trips off the island each year where those fitness minded people would spend restaurant and retail dollars off the Key as well. Jeff selling the property to us was his way of giving back to the entire Siesta Key Community… the merchants, the residents, and the visitors!”

When I asked the Days who are lifelong fitness professionals with a combined 55+ years of experience in the fitness industry why their island gym is so successful, they simply replied, “State of the art product, great island style vibes, and super low rates for both annual members and visitors.” For the folks that live here, this has become a valued part of their lifestyle says De, And when it comes to the visitors, they continually tell us that our gym actually becomes part of their vacation experience. (The vast majority of the 150+ places of accommodations on the key do not offer onsite fitness.) “Not only are we in the convenience business says Bruce, but we also remove all objection with our low rates. Annual membership is only $1/day and includes 24 HR access, a weekly visitor pass is only $5/day, and a monthly visitor pass is just $2.50/day! Nobody wants to fight traffic driving off island, and, pay more when they get there, so it’s a super simple decision for folks.”

Wrapping it up, the Days had this to say about their recent property purchase…“It has been our passion to serve the Siesta Key community with health and fitness and now we are more excited than ever to get to have this privilege indefinitely! As we continue to raise our family here and enjoy our amazing island, we hope that you will drop in, say “hi”, and maybe join us for a workout too!”

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