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Now a Members Only Club, Wins Praise

By Jane Bartnett

For any fitness buff who’s imagined having their own state-of–the-art fitness center at the ready anytime of the day or night, your time has come. Tucked away behind the Daiquiri Deck at Avenida Navarra, in Siesta Key Village, the popular Siesta Key Fitness Center is thriving as a newly transformed, 24-hour, members-only fitness club. Each member has their own personal entry code. Video monitoring, inside and out, ensures security. Owned and managed by Bruce and De Day, the facility has been a well-known part of the Siesta Key Village business community since 2007.

Siesta Key Fitness Center member Bob Spicer (middle) with owners, personal trainers & fitness experts De and Bruce Day

When COVID-19 struck, the Days successfully transformed their high-volume workout center that “saw about 30,000 visitor workouts last year,” according to Bruce Day, into the private fitness club that it is today. The couple reduced occupancy by 90% and installed new air conditioning systems with state-of-the-art UV Systems. As the season begins, “The Center,” Day reports, “is thriving.”

Bob Spicer, a Siesta Key resident and a long-time client, can’t say enough about the changes made to the Center. “I love the new format,” he said. “I’m a gym rat,” reported the 65-year old retired P&G executive, who noted that he visits the Center six days a week. “I love the intimacy. It’s so clean. Bruce and De are the best trainers,” said Spicer. “The Days run a fabulous business and the place meets all of our needs,” he noted, commenting that he and his wife ride their bikes there and generally find “no more than three people in the Center at a time.”

“People tell us that they feel as though they have a place that belongs to them,” Day said. “We are committed to like-minded people and keeping everyone safe and healthy.” In addition to serving as owners and managers of the Siesta Key Fitness Center, Bruce and De Day are also highly experienced and credentialed Personal Trainers. Day’s professional background includes more than 36 years in physical therapy and injury rehabilitation. De Day’s expertise is in training and nutrition. They are joined by a third certified professional trainer, Mike Kaplonski, who brings more than 12 years of experience to the Center.

A full range of equipment, including machines, free weights, aerobic step with risers, medicine balls, etc., awaits the visitor to The Siesta Key Fitness Center. Private memberships are available for one, three and six month periods, as well as on an annual basis. More information is available by calling (941) 349-8500, or email –

“The people that come here love it,” Day said. “Our members are very courteous and respectful of each other’s space and safety. They feel as though they have a place that belongs to them.”

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