The Gulf Comes Alive

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In November our Gulf Coast comes alive with many wonderful fruits of the sea. The colder water and air are one reason. Another is that Stone Crab season is now open. With the Crabs comes the Triple Tail and Octopus who both love a Stone Crab diet. Both of these water animals can be found in or around the plentiful stone crab traps laid out by our fishermen. November also brings us great deals on Mahi, Cobia and Grouper as the price comes down considerably this time of year. All this fish and our beloved Stone Crabs are available on Siesta Key only at your Big Water Fish Market and Restaurant.


  1. Buy your seafood from a reputable source. Your fishmonger should be able to tell you when the fish was filet and how old it is.
  2. When you walk into a fish market it should smell like fish. If it smells like bad fish walk out. You can always ask your fish monger to smell the product before you purchase it. It should have a fresh mild sea breeze odor. A strong fishy or ammonia smelling product is unacceptable. If it smells fishy – don’t buy it!
  3. Fresh fish should always be stored at less than 41 degrees and a good market will always have a thermometer in the display case to monitor temps.
  4. When buying whole fish, the eyes should be clear and not foggy.
  5. Fish is an excellent source of protein.
  6. Low in fat. Most fish are relatively low in total fat and saturated fat, and many have 1g of fat per a 3 oz serving.
  7. Fish is a great source of “good fat” and Omega – 3 fatty acids. A well-balanced diet that includes a variety of fish and shellfish can contribute to a heart healthy life. Eating even a modest amount of fish per week will lower the risk heart disease by 36%. Also, Omega – 3 fatty acids likely improve early brain development and babies could benefit from the seafood consumed by mothers during pregnancy and nursing. Obviously, my mother didn’t eat enough seafood during her pregnancy.
  8. Not only is seafood an excellent choice for a good health diet but seafood is delicious and versatile. Maybe you have seen the motto “our fish is delish” in a local neighborhood window.

Live well….Eat fish.
Scott Dolan
Big Water Fish Market
6641 Midnight Pass Road, Siesta Key – 941-554-8101

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