Siesta Key Sheriff Report

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March 2020

3/16 – Battery

The defendant claimed that three white males came up to him, called him names and tackled him to the ground. The defendant then began throwing punches at whoever he could, just to get the men off of him. He stated that those same three men had also jumped an acquaintance of his just a few minutes prior, so that is what escalated the fight. However, the victim stated that it was the defendant who initiated the fight by running after him and his friends and sucker-punching one of them. The defendant then proceeded to fight with anybody who tried to intervene and punched another person in the eye. Video footage of the incident revealed that the defendant was, in fact, the main offender.

3/17 – Identity Theft

The victim is a non-Florida resident, vacationing on Siesta Key. After having trouble with her cell phone, the victim called her phone provider, Verizon, and explained her issues. They informed her that her phone number had been ported out to AT&T, and two brand new cell phones had been ordered under her name and account. Soon after, the victim’s bank notified her that someone had ordered two new ATM cards and transferred $8,000.00 from her savings account to her checking account. The victim believed that after the two ATM cards were delivered, the offender was planning to withdraw the $8,000.00 from her checking account. Complete investigation is pending, and the case remains open.

3/23 – Vehicle Burglary

A stolen vehicle was recovered by police. In the car was the victim’s wallet with the gift cards and certificates that the victim left. However, the cash in the wallet was not recovered.

3/25 – Vehicle Burglary

The victim called the sheriff’s office after she noticed her wallet missing from her vehicle. She had parked outside a friend’s house and went for a walk, under the mistaken belief that she had locked the vehicle. When she returned, she searched the vehicle and determined that her wallet had been stolen. Investigation continues.

3/29 – Juvenile Arrest

Police responded when a complainant called and described 3-4 males driving around and trying door handles on vehicles. The caller said when he approached the car the suspects were driving, they tried to run him over by driving into the yard he was standing in. Officers reported to the scene and pursued a vehicle speeding away which matched the description given by the witness. Using two well-executed PIT maneuvers and a tire deflation device, police were finally able to stop the vehicle. A foot chase ensued, and one juvenile was caught after being tasered. Police reviewed surveillance footage of the suspects attempting to break into several vehicles and stealing a 2014 Tesla from a garage. Money and other items were also stolen from some of the cars. The captured juvenile had two Infinity key fobs that he stole from the inside of one of the vehicles. The juvenile admitted to at least five vehicle burglaries, stealing the Infinity keys found in his pocket, and being present while another man stole the Hyundai Genesis they were driving at the time of the police chase. The juvenile was charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling, and investigation continues into the remaining suspects.

3/29 – Battery

At approximately midnight, the victim and her friend arrived at a party to which they were invited. The victim and her friend were in the pool when two women began yelling from the second story of the house for the women to leave the pool. When they did not comply, the women came down from the second floor of the home and began punching one of the women in the pool. The victim then came and stood between her friend and the attackers. Because of this, she was then hit in both her head and neck and eventually pulled by her hair from the pool. The aggressors continued to hit her in the head and neck after they pulled her from the pool. After a while, the fight ended and the victims left and were later taken to the hospital by family members. There were no significant injuries to either of the victims. Investigation revealed that the property in question was rented, and the tenant claimed that the incident was a big misunderstanding and she did not know the identities of the aggressors. It is anticipated that a photographic lineup will be forthcoming to positively identify the main aggressor.

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