Siesta Key Sheriff’s Report April 20-May 23, 2018

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sheriff's report siesta key

There were a total of 18 crimes reported on Siesta Key between 4/20-5/22/18

4/20/18 Battery
5200 Block Ocean Blvd.

Officers responded to a battery at a village bar. The victim stated he was sitting down eating when the defendant muttered something under his breath. The victim didn’t understand what the defendant said so he ignored him. He then said, “What?” due to the fact that he couldn’t understand the defendant. The defendant said, “What did you say?” in an aggressive tone. He then walked over and struck the victim in the face and pushed him to the ground. After trying to stand up, the victim was pushed down a second time. The victim’s sister was witness to the event and corroborated the story. The event was also caught on the security camera. The defendant was charged with battery and is not allowed back in the establishment. 

4/22/18 Battery
6300 Block Midnight Pass Rd.

A woman was arrested for battery after striking her boyfriend. The victim explained the woman had hit him while she was inside his residence. He advised the couple had been dating off and on for approximately two years. The victim said she had shown up on his doorstep wanting to talk. He allowed the defendant to enter and they began to argue. The victim asked her to leave his residence. On her way out she hit him with closed fists on his shoulder and top of the head. The officer made contact with the defendant away from the incident location and made her aware of her Miranda rights. She had a small bleeding laceration on her hand and her knuckles appeared red and bruised. There is a history of domestic violence between the victim and defendant. Based on the officers investigation, the woman was charged with Battery /Touch or Strike. The two subjects live at separate residences and separated for the night.

4/25/18 Theft
Public Beach

A woman advised her beach bag had been taken and several items were missing. The bag had been left near the volleyball net while she was in the water. Upon her return she saw it was missing. She did not see anyone near her belongings or observe anyone physically remove them from their location. The bag contained a driver’s license, credit card, debit card, $10 cash, a pair of sandals, two towels, a beach blanket and a set of car keys. The total value of the missing items is approximately $78. The officer checked nearby areas to see if any items were discarded in the trash or ground to no avail. There were no security cameras in the area.

5/4/18 Possession Marijuana
100 Block Beach Rd.

An officer on routine patrol noticed a car parked at beach access #4 with the windows down and parked next to it. He could smell the strong scent of marijuana emanating from the vehicle. As he walked towards the vehicle he could see a glass pipe in the center console that appeared to be similar to those used to smoke marijuana. Based on these observations, the occupants of the car were asked to step outside the vehicle. The officer noticed the male passenger hide something between the seat and the doorframe. The occupants were cooperative and stepped to the rear of the vehicle. The male passenger was searched but did not have anything on his person. The female passenger admitted to having a small bag of marijuana in the center console. The male defendant said he had an unknown amount in a baggy inside the car. The officer searched the car and found the small bag of leafy substance (minimal amount). He also found a large Ziploc bag, which contained two smaller bags one of which contained green leafy material that later tested positive for marijuana. This was found where the defendant had hidden something earlier. A scale was also found and the defendant admitted he used it to weigh marijuana purchases. Post Miranda, the defendant asked that only he be charged and not the female passenger with possession. The officer issued a Notice To Appear for possession of Marijuana to the male passenger. Due to the defendant’s cooperativeness, he was not charged with the additional charge of possession of drug paraphernalia, but they will be entered as evidence.

5/6/18 Burglary- Business
5200 Block Ocean Blvd.

A neighboring business owner observed a side window of a jewelry store was smashed and called law enforcement. Officers observed the front glass display cases were entered into and jewelry was taken. A key holder arrived and opened the front door for law enforcement and the alarm went off, but the motion sensor did not appear to be working. Pry marks were seen on the front door deadbolt. The business specializes in fake jewelry. Ten of the gold bracelets, custom made for this store ($1500 each), were taken. No markings or serial numbers are on the jewelry. Twelve silver rings ($200 each) and 10 silver rings ($450 each). None of the fake jewelry in the store or the $120 cash drawer was taken. There are no witnesses and no security video available from surrounding businesses. Touch DNA, prints and photos were taken and submitted.

5/6/18 Grand Theft
1200 block Old Stickney Pt. Rd.

The owner of a business on the south Key placed the bank deposit for the business in a hidden compartment of the center console in his truck. The deposit was approximately $13,000 in cash and three checks contained in a onetime use, white bag, marked with only the account number on the outside. On this same day, with the deposit still hidden in the car, the complainant attended a meeting at a Sarasota restaurant and returned to his residence afterwards. The next morning he stopped at his business before driving to the downtown bank branch where he planned to make the deposit. At this time, he noticed the deposit was missing. Security footage from the business confirms him walking out to his car with the bank deposit. He continues to view footage to see if his car was burglarized. The restaurant is checking their footage and the car will be processed for prints.

5/10/18 Theft
200 Block Canal Rd.

An employee of a village donut shop reported a customer had taken money. The unknown teenage female took money from the tip jar that was sitting on the counter of the business window. She then ordered food and attempted to pay for it with the money she had just taken. After being confronted by the employee, the suspect took off running in an unknown direction with the money and the food items. After searching the area, the subject could not be located. No further investigation could be conducted.

5/15/18 Theft
1000 Block Turtle Beach Rd.

 A woman called to report the theft of her dive float and flag. She advised that she had parked at the far end of the parking lot, near the boat ramp, and was loading her equipment back into her vehicle. When she returned for a second trip, the items she had placed next to her vehicle were gone. There were no witnesses and no suspects. The items were valued at $300.

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