Siesta Key Sheriff’s Report April 23-May 20, 2019

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There were 20 crimes reported on the Key between 4/23-5/20/19

4/28/19 Resisting officer without Violence
Public Beach

A Deputy parked at the Public Beach observed two vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed northbound through the parking lot. As he approached the vehicles, they accelerated while swerving in and out of traffic lanes. Both vehicles began turning sharply and performed several U-turns to avoid contact. The deputy initiated a traffic stop at the entrance of the park, near the Sheriff’s Office Operations Building. The operator of the first vehicle was issued citations for careless driving and failure to exhibit his FL Driver’s License and was released from the scene. The passenger of the second car falsely identified himself as a Florida resident and gave a fake name. When Dispatch discovered his true identity, it was discovered that the Michigan resident had an outstanding warrant there for aggravated assault. By obstructing a law enforcement officer in his lawful execution of the legal process, he was charged with resistance.

4/28/19 Possession of Marijuana
Possession of certain drugs without a prescription -2 counts
Possession of an open container
Public Beach

Upon initial contact of the above second vehicle referenced above, the deputy smelled a strong odor of marijuana. He asked the driver where the marijuana was in the car. He stated he had approximately 5.5-6 grams under the passenger seat. Both occupants were asked to keep their hands in plain view until backup arrived. During a search of the car a bag of marijuana weighing 9.5 grams was discovered. Two prescription drug bottles prescribed to a person in Buffalo NY were found in the center console. The defendant said they were given to him by a friend. A 23 oz. open container of Gold “Four Loko” was found under the driver’s seat. The driver admitted to the charges and was arrested.

4/28 Stolen Vehicle
Location Withheld

A vehicle was parked in its owner’s condominium lot. The car was locked using the door keypad. The keys to the vehicle were inside, out of sight. When the owner came out to the car the next morning, the vehicle was gone. No signs of open entry were observed.

5/1/19 Auto Theft Committed
Location Withheld

In reference to the above story, the vehicle was later found in the 2000 Block of Poplar Street in Sarasota. It was parked to the south of the railroad tracks with the windows open and the keys on the front passenger side tire. Police ran the license plate and discovered it had been reported stolen on 4/28. The owners were notified and came to retrieve the vehicle. Due to the extreme amount of dust and moisture on the vehicle, fingerprints were not able to be lifted. A pair of sunglasses, a Nike shoe and a Trader Joe’s Gouda cheese wrapper were found in the car and collected as evidence.

5/4 Burglary Residential
Location Withheld

A man reported he left his home overnight and returned to find he had been burglarized. An unknown person entered his residence and stole a 16-gauge antique shotgun ($500), about $10 worth of change and a Herend figurine ($300). He stated no one has access to his home, although he may have left the rear sliding door unlocked. A neighbor’s surveillance video didn’t record anything suspicious.

5/6 Burglary with Battery, Possession of Burglary Tool
Public Beach

A deputy arrived to the scene in reference to a possible burglary / disturbance. He found two men rolling around on the asphalt parking lot in a physical altercation. As the defendant looked up and saw the marked patrol car, he raised his hands and sat on the curb. The victim was advised to step aside. The victim explained that he and his sister were sitting on a bench near the parking lot when they heard a loud crashing sound near where his car was parked. He walked towards his car and saw the defendant attempting to break the drivers side window with a broom handle. When the victim yelled at him, the defendant ran toward his own car. The victim stated he was able to grab the defendant in an attempt to detain him when the defendant placed his hands on the victim’s throat and pressed his head into the roof of his vehicle. The two men wound up in a struggle until the deputy arrived. There was visible damage to the vehicle window and a broom handle was found near the car. The defendant advised he was 17 and provided his parent’s contact info. Post Miranda, the defendant admitted to making a big mistake. He said he drove to the lot for no reason, found the broom on the ground and began hitting the driver window. He stated he was not trying to gain entry.

5/8 Burglary- Vehicle
Public Beach

A woman reported her credit cards were stolen out of her purse. The purse was said to be locked in her trunk while her car was parked in the Public lot. She said the car was locked and she had her keys. She said someone had probably entered the trunk, took three credit cards from her wallet and then closed the trunk. The purse and wallet were not taken. She said whoever took the cards left the $45 cash that was in her wallet. There was no sign of forced entry. She then suspected that someone could have entered her home sometime during the night as she was uncertain of the exact timing of the theft. Her bank had contacted her about suspicious activity on the cards. Her cards had been used in Fort Meyers at Best Buy ($745 and $1765), Macy’s ($458) and Dillard’s for an undisclosed amount. The identity of the suspect(s) has not yet been determined.

5/11 Burglary- Business

A cargo van belonging to a Village retail business was burglarized. The van was parked in a fenced enclosure. It was unknown if the vehicle was locked. The van had its front windshield smashed in and all other windows were broken. The rearview outside mirrors were also broken. The dashboard was broken when an air vent was pulled out and the stereo was pushed in. The van contained merchandise from the business but nothing was taken. A pair of garden loppers were found in the vehicle that had been used to smash the windows. The rear of the business was examined and a men’s wallet and ladies’ purse were found on the ground near the van. These did not belong to the business. It was discovered that the security system had not been working for the past few days. No employees were recently fired by the business.

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