Siesta Key Sheriff’s Report December 19, 2018 – January 20, 2019

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There were 16 crimes reported on the Key between 12/19/18-1/20/19

12/27/18 Theft
5200 Block Ocean Blvd.

A woman reported her iPhone 7Plus ($600) was stolen from a Village bar. Upon realizing she had lost the phone, she was able to track it using the find my iPhone App. The phone was tracked to a location in the area of a Bee Ridge Rd apartment complex. She was unable to determine an exact location in order to make contact. Repeated texts to her phone were unanswered. She was advised to call back the Sheriff’s Office if she was able to determine an exact location for the phone.

12/28/18 Burglary-Business
6000 Block Midnight Pass Rd.

Over $15,000 worth of lightbulbs and fixtures were stolen from the makeshift storage area of an active construction site. The area consisted of plywood and two by fours which closed off a concrete room.  The site Superintendent of the electrical company working on the project had been offsite for approximately two weeks. During this time numerous people were in and out of the storage area handling the items inside. Since there was no indication that anyone had entered the area after hours, it was assumed that a subcontractor took the items during work hours. It was noted that the storage room contained numerous tools that were not taken. Only the new, in box lights and fixtures were missing.

12/28/18 Theft
200 Block Canal Rd.

The manager of a Village grocery reported a theft. A local homeless man known to him had taken a cup of mushroom soup ($3.99) without paying. The manager observed the man take the soup and walk outside without paying. Once outside, he confronted the man and asked him not to come back to the store. The manager said he did not wish to press charges but to only make a report. He stated that if deputies see him to please ask him not to come back again. The man was not found in any of his usual hangouts. A waiver of prosecution was filed with the report.

1/1/19 Burglary- Residential
5800 Block Midnight Pass Rd.

A bike was reported stolen from a condominium carport area. A woman reported she had locked her two bicycles with a cable to an outdoor carport bike depot located inside a gated parking lot. She later discovered the cable had been cut and one of the bikes were taken. The bike was valued at $400.

1/3/19 Stolen Vehicle
1000 Block Crescent St.

A woman reported her car stolen along with her cell phone. She was extremely intoxicated and could barely walk. She stated that a man known to her had come to her residence during the night having a manic episode and stole her car and phone. The woman did not know her Apple ID so the responding officer was unable to utilize the find my phone feature. While meeting with the complainant, a call came from the listed suspect advising the car was abandoned in a lot near Buccaneer Dr. Deputies responded to that call and found the missing vehicle with front end damage. It was unlocked with the keys in the ignition. A tow truck was called due to the complainant’s extreme intoxication. The officer observed the seat and steering wheel automatically adjusted for a person of small stature which did not match the suspect’s size. Officers were unable to contact the listed suspect. No further assistance was needed.

1/4/19 Grand Theft/Battery
Public Beach

A 16-year-old male was at the beach with a group of friends when he placed his backpack near the yellow lifeguard stand. The bag contained a pair of Nike Air Force One sneakers, ($80), his wallet, ID and $50 cash. He witnessed another young male pick up his backpack and run away. The victim chased after the suspect and saw him jump into the back of a car before it drove away. The victim attempted to take pictures of the suspect’s vehicle. The suspect threw the empty backpack out of the vehicle as they drove away. A second suspect approached the victim at this time saying he knew the first suspect. He offered to help identify the suspect by using his phone to look him up on Instagram. While the victim was looking down at his phone, the second suspect punched him in the eye and grabbed his iPhone X ($1000) and jumped into a black car. As he pulled away he threw the phone out the window, damaging the phone. Two days later, it was discovered that the victim ‘s orbital had been fractured due to the punch in the eye, which required immediate surgery. The victim and his mother wish to pursue charges against both suspects.

1/10/19 Stolen Vehicle
5700 Block Midnight Pass Rd.

A woman observed her car was missing from the carport of her condominium complex. Her keys were also missing from inside the residence. A review of the security footage showed the suspect (her son) at the victim’s residence. The suspect lives at the residence but is currently in an in-house substance abuse program. The complainant reached the suspect by telephone and learned he had her car. The car was recovered. The suspect did not have permission to take the car nor did he have a driver’s license. The complainant did not wish to press charges.

1/10/19 Burglary -Residential
9000 Block Midnight Pass Rd.

A woman reported she noticed several items missing from her jewelry box. The missing jewelry was last seen before the Christmas holidays. There were no signs of forced entry. No other items were taken. The jewelry box was dusted for prints but none were recovered. The woman advised that the only persons that could have possibly come into her condo are the building maintenance or the cleaning crew that she uses. The missing jewelry was valued at approximately $6,450.

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