Siesta Key Sheriff’s Report January 21-February 18, 2019

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 There were 16 crimes reported on the Key between 1/21-2/18 /19

1/24/19 Possession of Marijuana
Public Beach

A woman was charged with possession after being caught with seven homemade marijuana joints. She explained that she self-medicates due to an injury.

1/24/19 Theft
400 Block Island Circle

A man reported his tag was stolen off of his truck. He said he was working in the area between 8-11 a.m. When he went to leave, he noticed it was gone. There were no suspects.

1/27/19 Stolen Vehicle
Burglary Residence

1000 Block S. View Drive

A woman reported she and her husband went to bed and had the garage door closed. They woke up the next morning and noticed the garage door was down but the side door was open. The door was a wooden screen type and the lock and hook mechanism was now broken off. They had no surveillance footage and were not aware of a specific timeframe. The husband thought he might have heard footsteps in the house sometime during the night but was unsure as he was partially asleep. The car was equipped with OnStar and the woman was in touch with them about the possible location of the vehicle. She said the vehicle was unlocked and the keys were kept in the cupholder. As the scene was being processed the woman approached the officer and explained that she was on the phone with her son who had come in the middle of the night, knowing that the car would be unlocked, and took the car. The officer spoke to the son who stated he was in contact with his mom about returning the vehicle. She advised that he had permission in the past to use the vehicle but was unaware of his involvement in this matter. She signed a waiver of prosecution.

1/27/19 Theft
6300 block Midnight Pass Rd

The manager of a bike rental store reported a men’s bike was stolen sometime between the timeframe of January 27 – February 1. The bike was a grey Trek 22 ½ inch men’s valued at $300.

1/27/19 Battery
5200 Block Ocean Blvd.

A man explained he was punched by another man after attempting to assist security personnel as they tried to remove the suspect from the establishment. The suspect had been involved in another incident at the bar. As he was being escorted out, he turned around and attempted to attack the security personnel at which point the victim stepped in between them. A fight ensued and as the men fell to the ground, the victim was punched in the face by the suspect. The suspect who was clearly intoxicated, first claimed he was defending himself, but after changing his story several times admitted that he might have been the aggressor. The victim stated he did not wish to press charges and signed a waiver of prosecution. The suspect is not allowed to return to the property.

2/7/19 Petit Theft
Public Beach

A man reported his wallet was stolen from the beach. He had placed his wallet in his pants pocket and left them on the beach while he and his fiancé had gone swimming. When they came out of the water they noticed the wallet was gone. There were no witnesses. The wallet contained both of their drivers’ licenses, a debit card and $5 cash.

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