Siesta Key Sheriff’s Report January 24- February 20, 2018

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There were a total of 12 crimes reported between 1/24-2/20/18

1/29/18 Burglary Vehicle
Public Beach
A man reported that an unknown suspect entered his car while it was parked at the public beach and stole a bucket of approximately 100 lacrosse balls ($250) and a lacrosse stick ($50). The items were taken from the rear hatchback of the car, which was unlocked at the time of the offense.

2/1/18 Possession of Marijuana, Narcotic Equipment, Drugs
5100 Block Midnight Pass Rd.

A deputy on routine patrol encountered a car on the side of the road with its hazard lights on. The driver was attempting to change a tire. The deputy observed both driver side tires were flat. The rims were damaged and the tire sidewalls were damaged with holes in them. As the deputy approached the defendant he immediately smelled the odor of alcohol. The driver appeared to be very impaired, however, he was cooperative. All the vehicle’s windows were partially down and the deputy smelled an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and noticed a glass vial that would typically hold hash oil sitting on the center console. After questioning the suspect, a mobile drug testing kit was utilized and the items tested positive. Since the man was not driving at the time, he was not tested for alcohol impairment. On the trip to the county jail, the defendant stated that the deputy probably saved a life that night, as he was too impaired to be driving and deserved to be arrested.

2/7/18 Burglary Vehicle
1000 Block Moonmist Ct.

A man walked out in the morning and discovered his car had been rummaged through with the passenger door left slightly ajar. A neighbor found the victim’s retired prosecutor’s badge ($100) a short distance down the street. A bottle of Tom Ford cologne ($100) was taken but recovered.

2/8/18 Burglary Vehicle
400 Block Beach Rd.
A heart monitor ($1200) and a Sig Sauer 380 Caliber semi auto pistol ($800) were taken from a car parked in a condominium open garage area. The victim had assumed the car was locked, as the Tesla model is supposed to lock itself. Security footage was pending and would be inspected after being downloaded.

2/8/18 Burglary Vehicle
While investigating the vehicle burglary mentioned above, a deputy noticed a center console left open in a vehicle a few spaces away. The victim had gone through the vehicle and only noticed a few dollars worth of quarters missing from the console. The man was unsure if the vehicle had been locked.

2/18/18 Theft
500 Beach Rd.
A man reported his Bigfoot pushcart was stolen. The cart was on his property near beach access # 10. The complainant stated he went kayaking and returned to find the cart missing. The value of the cart is estimated at $1000. There were no witnesses.

2/19/18 Burglary Vehicle
1200 Block Old Stickney Pt. Rd.
A woman observed two men removing various items from multiple boats parked at the marina. She stated she observed the two men removing boxes from one boat and a fishing pole from another. One of the men saw her watching them and yelled to her, “Hey man, you need to get off Dad’s boat!” Another witness saw two men pull up to the nearby park, run into the marina and leave about ten minutes later. Although nothing was reported missing from the boat, it was evident that someone had boarded the boat recently. Dirty handprints and shoeprints were observed in the dew on the boat.

2/19/18 Burglary Residential
4600 Block Gleason Ave.
$10,000 worth of jewelry, $500 worth of silverware and $2000 worth of new clothes was reported missing from a home. A woman reported she had arrived at the residence to find the garage door and a rear slider door left open. The complainant stated she was watching the residence since the owner passed away in December. She said a landscape company had been on site that day and did not see anything suspicious. The deputy took DNA samples from the rear door that was open and a knife that was lying near some boxes that had been cut open. Neighbors did not see anything suspicious.

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