Siesta Key Sheriff’s Report May 21-June 17, 2019

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There were 22 crimes reported on the Key between 5/21-6/17/19

5/21/19 Burglary Residence
Location Withheld

A vacant home on the market to be sold was burglarized. The home has a lockbox with a key inside on the front door to allow realtors to enter. The residence had been a rental in the past and tenants would gain access by the combo lockbox. The combination had never been changed. It is unknown how many people had access to the home. No forced entry was found and the key was missing from the box. Two beds had been taken apart upstairs but had not been removed. A television ($300), Area rug ($200), Linens/Towels ($400) and a lamp ($100) were taken. There were no witnesses.

5/26/19 Grand Theft
5200 Block Ocean Blvd.

A woman reported cash was stolen out of her wallet while visiting a Village bar. The $300 was taken when she dropped her wallet somewhere in the business. An unknown man later walked up to her friend and returned the wallet, stating,” There was no money in here.” The man left the bar area before he could be further questioned. Nothing else appeared to be missing from the wallet.

5/26/19 Grand Theft
Location Withheld

A bike valued at $530 was reported stolen from in front of the victim’s condo. The bike, a silver Expedition 3 speed, had been unlocked at the time.

5/29/19 Battery
Public Beach

A woman reported being in a confrontation with an unknown subject over a parking space at the main beach lot. She explained she was holding a spot when the suspect drove up and attempted to take the spot. An argument ensued and escalated when the suspect got out of her car and pushed the victim to the ground. The suspect left the scene before deputies arrived. The victim suffered slight bruising to her lower legs which had faded by the time of the report. She was able to provide a tag number, vehicle and suspect description and witness information.

5/29/19 Grand Theft
Public Beach

A man reported his vintage 1970’s Puch bicycle stolen from the Pavilion bike rack. The bike was valued at $325. There are no known suspects. The victim will provide a photo of the bike at a later time.

5/31/19 Burglary- Residential
Location Withheld

A couple reported a burglary at their home. They had left their home separately at different times but were both gone for approximately one hour, at which time the door was unlocked. When they returned, they noticed a few things missing but assumed they had misplaced the items. It wasn’t until they went to Publix and attempted to pay that the man noticed all the cash ($50) was gone out of his wallet. The woman said she was missing 2 bracelets and 2 “tarnish bags” containing miscellaneous silver items. The man was missing his rings and watches. DNA samples were submitted as evidence. The assorted jewelry was valued at approximately $2550.

6/3/19 Grand Theft
Public Beach

A man reported his wallet was stolen out of his backpack during the time he visited the beach.

The pack had been left unattended at various times. He also reported the credit card that was stolen had incurred two fraudulent charges after the theft had occurred. A charge of $158 was made at a Bradenton 7-11 and a charge of $58 was made at a Bradenton Ross department store. The wallet also contained $250 cash and a driver’s license.

6/5/19 Burglary – Business
700 Block Beach Rd.

A motel employee reported a burglary. He said a screen had been pushed in on a shed door between midnight and 8 a.m. The employee stated he usually leaves the door window open in the shed and the door locked. He said it appeared someone had pushed the window screen in and reached in to unlock the door. He said there was nothing of value inside and it appeared nothing was missing.

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