Siesta Key Sheriff’s Report October 22- November 17, 2019

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There were 13 crimes reported on the Key between 10/22-11/17/19

10/23/19 Burglary/Vehicle
Location Withheld

A man reported an unknown person entered his unlocked vehicle parked in an assigned carport space during the night and stole various items. The items included $8 in cash, a tire pressure checker and a 7” knife with a wooden handle. The knife, while valued at only $20, was over 80 years old and held sentimental value.

10/24/19 Battery
Public Beach

A man reported that his juvenile son was battered by three other juveniles while at the beach. He explained that two girls were fighting in the parking lot. The victim, a witness and the victim’s younger brother were watching. The boys laughed and started to return to the victim’s vehicle. One of the suspects began making comments and asked the victim if he was laughing at his sister. The victim told the suspects that he wanted no trouble. The three suspects proceeded to “jump” the victim causing a head injury and bruises to his body. He was taken to Lakewood Ranch Medical Center.

10/26/19 Drug Charges
5100 Block Ocean Blvd.

An officer on foot patrol noticed a car parked with the ignition on and a man sitting in the driver’s seat in an area where drug use/possession occurs frequently. He approached the car and the defendant rolled down the window. He smelled the odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle and asked how much marijuana was in the car. The defendant stated none and said he had smoked earlier. A search of the vehicle revealed a marijuana blunt, 27.3 grams of a green leafy substance inside a freezer bag and 1.4 grams of a white rocky substance inside 2 smaller baggies. Also found was an open box of Ziploc bags, a bag of tiny clear baggies commonly used for narcotic distribution, a scale and a marijuana grinder with green leafy residue inside. The defendant was read his Miranda Rights and agreed to talk without a lawyer present. When confronted with the fact that the baggies are commonly used for distribution, the defendant stated, “You’re putting it together yourself.” The $543 in the defendant’s wallet was split into different sections as is commonly practiced by subjects who sell illegal drugs, in order to keep drug money separate from personal money. The man was arrested for possession of cocaine with intent to sell, possession of marijuana more than 20 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia.

10/27/19 Theft
5100 Block Ocean Blvd.

A woman approached an officer to report her iPhone 8plus ($600) had been taken out of her backpack while inside a Village bar. She and the officer were able to watch the phone being driven off the Key onto I 75 southbound on her find my iPhone app. The victim was advised to contact the Sheriff’s office again once the phone stopped moving and inform them of its final location. Since the phone wound up in North Port, the NPPD were advised of the exact location of the phone and were able to go to the address and retrieve the phone.  The victim did not wish to press charges because she was content to have her phone back.

11/3/19 Petit Theft
5100 Block Ocean Blvd.

A woman reported her purse was stolen when she left it unattended at a Village nightclub.

The purse (valued at $100) contained $75 cash, a driver’s license, and 3 credit cards. There were no suspects and no fraudulent use on the credit cards reported at the time.

11/8/19 Grand Theft
7100 Block Point Of Rocks Rd.

A woman advised she was visiting from West Palm Beach when she and the suspect got into a dispute. The suspect took the complainants vehicle without her permission. The woman related that the suspect has a substance abuse problem and believed he left looking for narcotics. She said she had spoken with him recently and he related he was leaving SMH and was upset because they wouldn’t give him any drugs. She has not heard from him since then. The complainant did not want charges filed but wanted her car located. A waiver of prosecution was signed. The complainant later called back later in the day. She had decided to press charges for Grand Theft.

11/9/19 Battery-Injuries
5200 Block Ocean Blvd.

An officer responded to a report of a battery. The complainant was gone upon his arrival and unable to be located. The victim stated he was jumped by multiple suspects on the sidewalk and sucker punched in the mouth. The victim emitted a strong and obvious odor of alcohol from his breath when he spoke. He sustained a bloody lip which was treated by Rescue 11, however he refused transport to SMH. He stated he observed an unidentified male strike an unidentified female. As he intervened, he was struck by the multiple unknown males. He was unable to provide a description of the suspects and stated “I just want to go home.” There were no other witnesses and the case will be held inactive unless further evidence is provided.

11/9/19 Burglary-Vehicle
5400 Block Ocean Blvd.

A woman reported she heard a loud thump and looked outside her building from the third floor and heard a car alarm sounding from the victim’s car. The car was parked at Access 5. A large rock was sitting in the driver’s seat and the front passenger window was broken. The doors to the auto were still locked. The area was checked for the registered owner or any possible suspects with negative results. The victim was eventually located via family members. She related that her purse ($300) was missing from under the passenger seat. The purse had contained cash ($1500) and credit cards. She was instructed to contact her credit holders.

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