Siesta Key Sheriff’s Report September 17 – October 21, 2019

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There were 15 crimes reported on the Key between 9/17 – 10/21/19

9/22/19 Theft
Public Beach

A man reported his bike was taken from near the pavilion at the Public Beach. The yellow bike valued at $80 had been left unsecured.

9/25/19 Fraud
5200 Block Ocean Blvd.

A couple was arrested for obtaining food or lodging with intent to defraud. The complainant reported a male and female left the bar without paying a $172.83 tab. The couple was familiar to the complainant personally from past experiences and the male had not paid his tab twice before. The complainant advised the male left his credit card at the bar and ran towards his apartment. The officer knocked on the door and advised they needed to pay their tab. After being given 10 minutes to find a card to pay the tab, the couple became uncooperative. The woman, who was intoxicated, attempted to close the door on the officer. He held the door open with his foot, as a crime was being committed. The male had walked to the back of the apartment where he could not be seen and the female began shouting at the officer to get out of the apartment. When the male attempted to leave the apartment to pay the bill, she tried to block him. The woman was arrested for resisting without violence after she continually pulled away from deputies as they tried to bring her out of the apartment. Afterwards, the male walked back to the establishment with a credit card in order to pay the tab. The card was declined, as was the debt card he had left behind earlier. Both subjects admitted to eating and drinking while knowing they wouldn’t be able to pay.

9/25/19 Fraud
Address Withheld

A man advised someone had changed his mailing address to a home in Pembroke Pines, Florida. He was not aware of any financial loss at the time. He filed a report in order to protect his assets.

9/28/19 Burglary
Address Withheld

A woman reported several items of jewelry were stolen from her residence. She discovered the jewelry was stolen after finding her door pried open. While reporting the missing jewelry, she stated several iPods and electronics were also taken. She stated the jewelry had been located in Ziplock bags in her bedroom jewelry drawer and valued at $51,900. While reporting the jewelry theft, she said she found a pawn shop receipt belonging to a man that had stayed with her. The receipt showed that the houseguest had sold a drill that had previously mysteriously disappeared from her home. The officer investigated and found that the houseguest had also sold her missing jewelry to a pawn shop. He was located and arrested for dealing in stolen property.

9/29/19 Burglary
Address Withheld

A woman reported a burglary at her home that occurred while her husband and son were inside. The woman, reported that the night before at some point, an unknown person or persons entered her lanai. The unknown suspect took a child’s scooter, a child’s hat, rearranged decorative items inside the lanai and defecated alongside the home. The victim advised there is a security camera at the front of the homeowner’s association. They will attempt to obtain security footage.

9/30/19 Theft
Address Withheld

A man returning home from working in Alaska reported that sometime during the five months he was gone, his home was robbed. He stated that when he returned home, he noticed four fishing rods and reels ($800), a Bosch hammer drill ($400) and an iPad ($350) was missing. He said he wasn’t going to report the theft until he noticed his gun ($425) was missing. He said the named suspects and their unknown guests were the only people that had access to his residence. He last saw the items on May 4th just before he left for Alaska. He stated he had left his Smith & Wesson gun in the nightstand drawer. The victim has a security camera system that records around the outside of the residence, although it records over videos after one week. The Sheriff’s Office will attempt to retrieve the videos. The victim stated he thinks the male suspect possibly moved to Texas.

10/5/19 Burglary – Vehicle
Address Withheld

 A woman reported her car was burglarized. The car was unsecured, parked in a gated area which was fenced in. There is residential construction adjacent to the property. She was unsure if there were any workers present at the time of the theft. The woman didn’t notice her purse was missing until she returned to her residence. The purse had been sitting on the front seat of the vehicle. The items missing included a wallet containing $3000 cash, multiple credit cards, a driver’s license, social security card and the purse. A fingerprint was recovered from a door handle. It is possible the suspect had gloves on as there appeared to be smudge marks below the door handle.

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