Siesta Key Sheriff’s Report

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There were 11 crimes reported on the Key between 8/20-9/16/19

8/24/19 Identity Theft
100 Block Sand Dollar Lane

A man received an email from AT&T confirming the purchase of three cell phones/new lines. He had not made the purchase. He was informed that the unknown suspect had made the purchase in person at a store in an unknown New York location. AT&T requires identification to be presented at time of purchase. There is no monetary loss to the victim although his personal information was used to buy the phones.

8/27/19 Scheme to Defraud
Location Withheld

On 5/24/19, an unknown suspect opened a checking account online at Regions Bank in the name of the victim. On 8/1/19 an unknown suspect transferred $8,000 from the victim’s checking account into the fraudulently opened account. The fraudulent account then had a series of transactions, including transferring $2,202 back into the victim’s account. The victim was provided a case number and copies of various bank records relating to these events. The identity of the suspect is unknown.

8/28/19 Burglary – Vehicle
8700 Block Midnight Pass Rd.

A woman reported a vehicle burglary and theft of items. She stated she had parked her 2017 Dodge van at the Turtle Beach lot. She could not recall if she had locked the car before heading to the beach. The stolen items had been located on the front passenger side seat in plain sight. The items included a Micheal Kors purse ($400), Watch ($1400), gold chain ($500), gold pendant ($700), Vera Bradley bags ($100), ring ($1500), and Tori Burch sandals ($225). There was no damage to the vehicle and no suspects or witnesses.

8/31/19 Theft
Beach Rd.

A woman and her friends were at Beach Access 2 enjoying the day. The friends went into the water to swim while the complainant sat next to their bags. An unknown suspect walked over to the bags that were sitting in the sand and grabbed a backpack which contained two iPhone Xs, Nike sneakers ($250), credit card, sunglasses, small canister of mace and a pair of keys. The complainant asked the suspect what he was doing and he replied, “I’m taking your s….” The suspect walked into the roadway and got into a grey Nissan Sentra that was occupied by three other males and drove away. The area was checked for the suspect and vehicle with negative results. Several roadways in the area were checked and the backpack was recovered near the public beach. The telephones and mace were not present in the pack but all other items were recovered.  The find a phone feature was activated but no return signals from the phones were received.

9/1/19 Battery
Location Withheld

A man was arrested for domestic battery. When the deputy arrived on the scene, he met with the complainant/victim, who was standing on the sidewalk with a towel on the back of her head. The towel was soaked with blood and she had blood running down her neck, shoulders and chest from the wound. She stated she was sitting at the kitchen table engaged in a verbal argument with the defendant, who she has been in a relationship with for 30 years. She said during the argument she threw a candle towards the defendant which hit the wall behind him. She said the defendant grabbed her by the shoulders while she was seated and “slammed” her head into the wall. The back of her head had actually hit the marble window sill causing injury to the back of her head. She was transported to the hospital. The defendant invited the deputies into the condo where they observed blood splattered on the wall beneath the marble sill. Pictures were submitted into evidence. The defendant voluntarily and spontaneously explained what had happened. He said after the candle was thrown at him, he grabbed her to calm her down and she just hit the wall. He was placed under arrest. The victim was given a Victim’s Rights brochure and a Marcy’s Law pamphlet, she elected to opt in. The deputy also provided her with a SPARC business card and brochure and encouraged her to use their assistance.

9/3/19 Petit Theft
Location Withheld

A man reported unknown persons had stolen his wallet and other listed items. He stated he had a party on 9/1 and there were many people in his house. Later that evening, he noticed his wallet was missing from the kitchen area. There were no witnesses or suspects for the report and there was no video surveillance of the residence. The missing items include: a wallet, $250 cash, driver’s license and various credit cards.

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