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DonnaroseQ:  Dear Donnarose, even though I no longer believe in the Christian religion but did most of my life, while some may think this is hypocritical, I still feel like I have the Spirit of Jesus with me.  Does this make sense to you? ~Marilyn

 A: ~ “Religious or not…Jesus will never put you on the spot.”– Donnarose Melvin

Absolutely, it makes total sense to me.  The reason you still feel Jesus’ spirit, is because He doesn’t abandon us if we put the bible down to go in another direction to pray to Him, or anyone else for that matter.  I know this firsthand because I quit the 1st day of catechism class at age five.  Yet still, Jesus, (Mother Mary, and others) lovingly appear and assist me in my intuitive readings and healings from time to time.  Jesus is about Love…period.  Regarding your friends who are saying “Jesus is the only way”, you can say, the “Lo v e” of Jesus is the only way, which will cover everything, because the love of Jesus, is the same as the love of God, Buddha, etc.  They’re all One, all Who hold no judgment, and love all people, animals, nature, etc.  It’s wonderful that you’re still embracing and connecting to the L o v e of Jesus.  It’s that loving connective force that leads us on the path of our souls, which consists of solely that which is for our Highest good.  Enjoy your beautiful connection. ~♥


Q:  Dear Donnarose, if the spirit world does not judge us, then what would prevent humans from harming or killing another human?  If you’re not going to be judged, then there’s no punishment as a result when the person who did the killing dies, right?  Regards, Emma

A: ~ “Preventing one from harming others and doing things right, can be helped by shedding on them, some of your light.” – Donnarose Melvin

People that brutally harm or kill other people, are pretty much disconnected to their spiritual side, that being Love.  They are basically disillusioned, dysfunctional, and/or imbalanced in more ways than one, where clarity is non-existent.  Even if the Universe, God, or whatever you call your Higher power, did judge and punish us after we died if we caused harm (They don’t), with the state of mind these folks are in, even that wouldn’t help stop them.  Again, they’re too mentally incapacitated to some degree, and too disconnected to Spirit to even care.  The more we connect to our Higher Self, God, etc., the more our awareness increases about our being One with everyone and everything, and that we’re all energy, One Love and One Collective Consciousness.  It’s this soulful loving connection, along with increased self-love that helps to prevent one from desiring to harm or kill.  There are so many thousands of enlightened beings currently working on raising the vibrational frequency/love energy on the planet.  This will definitely help to bring many folks like the ones above, out of the darkness and into a more positive light. ~♥

Donnarose Melvin is a professional psychic, medium and energy healer, whose pleasure it is to assist clients worldwide. She incorporates knowledge from her degree in psychology, along with her clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and empathic gifts to guide her clients towards peace and success.  Please send your questions to or private message her via facebook: Soulfully Yours Donnarose.  She will select questions each month to share with you. Donnarose regrets that unpublished questions cannot be answered individually. ~ ♥

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