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Donnarose Donnarose Melvin is a professional psychic, medium and energy healer, whose pleasure is to assist clients worldwide. She incorporates knowledge from her degree in psychology, along with her clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and empathic gifts to guide her clients towards peace and success.  Please send your questions to or private message her via facebook: Go With Your Soul. Donnarose will select questions each month to share with you. She regrets that unpublished questions cannot be answered individually. ~ ♥

  Q:  Dear Donnarose, after 12 yrs of marriage, I think my husband is cheating on me, and I don’t know what to do at this point.  What is your intuitive feeling on this?  Thanks. ~Geri

A: ~ “Release what you fear, or it will be what you’ll find near." ~Donnarose Melvin

Well Geri, I’ve heard from many hundreds of people on this topic and found that not all cases are the same.  And the energy on your situation after reading your detailed question, is that I don’t see another female energy around your husband regarding infidelity.   I have limited space here, so the bottom-line is you have two choices.  The first choice that can help it stay this way, is to quickly work on ridding yourself of any mistrusting energy you are directing at your husband.  The other choice is to remain suspicious.  The latter will create disharmony between you and your husband, as he will feel negative energy coming his way which will make him feel unloved.  And as you can guess, feeling unloved and mistreated is a formula that sends many to do exactly what you fear.  And that is to stray to a place where he will feel more comforted.  As my quote above indicates, if you don’t want it near, release what you fear.  So the best thing to do is to replace any mistrusting thoughts towards your husband, with thoughts that are loving towards yourself.  You will be amazed on how this positively alters the energy in a relationship. ~♥


Q:  Dear Donnarose, I seem to be overly concerned with my health, and tend to get a lot of tests done.  I recently noticed that when I made a decision to let go of my stress and what was causing it, the results on my scan were negative.  But I now want to get another test to see if the new pain I’m feeling is kidney stones.  Or are my thoughts the culprit with this as well?  What are you feeling on this? ~ Ilana

A: ~ "Negative thoughts and illness go hand in hand.  But your Higher Power within, will win in the end."- Donnarose Melvin

Ilana, I think you’ve answered your question perfectly regarding your thoughts, and it’s what I’m getting on your situation energetically as well.  But since this is such an extremely common topic with many of my clients, I will elaborate.  All types of illnesses, chronic issues and pain, etc., thrive by attaching themselves to the darkness within us so to speak.  Once we allow ourselves to finally let go of negative people and situations, and/or negative emotional thought patterns (darkness within) about ourselves or others currently, or from our past, there will only be light energy left which is more love-based.  Therefore, cancer, back pain, weight gain, etc., will have to go because they can’t thrive in the light.  This is what happened to you.  You released the people and your negative thoughts in your stressful situation, and the stress and your illness went with them.  You chose to tap into your power within, and that always works for your Highest Good.  Like my quote above suggests, thinking love-based thoughts about yourself, and staying in the Light, will help keep anything that is unlike love, like illness, out of sight. ~ ♥


Q:  Dear Donnarose, I can’t seem to get the thought out of my mind that I am never going to find true love.  Can you feel the energy on whether or not this is true?  I’ve been feeling so down about this.  Thanks for your help! ~Sabilla

A: ~ “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't–you're right.“ -Henry Ford

Sabilla, like the quote above suggests, the thoughts we think about ourselves, and what we are capable of doing, are almost always manifested.  Your detailed note mentioned you feeling scared of being alone, and feeling depressed and frustrated.  It’s good to admit how you feel and to be honest with yourself.  It’s also important to then allow yourself to release any thoughts that are unlike love about yourself.  You will probably find they aren’t true anyway, so why hold onto them, right?  Then you want to get back to the basics of loving the inside of you.  You want to appreciate your heart, your soul, and the loving person that you genuinely are.  And little by little, this love you are building on the inside, will start to emanate from you and show on the outside.  And this will become the energy that will be appealing to the type of man you will attract.  The bottom-line is to first love yourself to the level you want to be loved by someone else, and the level of loving treatment by the gentleman you will attract, will mirror it.~♥

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