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Donnarose Melvin is a professional psychic, medium and spiritual healer, whose pleasure it is to assist clients worldwide. She incorporates knowledge from her degree in psychology, along with her clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and empathic gifts to guide her clients towards peace and success. Send your questions to or private message her via facebook: Go With Your Soul. Donnarose will select questions each month to share with you. She regrets that unpublished questions cannot be answered individually. ~ ♥










Q:  Dear Donnarose, I consider myself to be a spiritual person and pretty much connected to my guides and angels.  However, at times I start to feel at little lost and off track, and I start to feel a little panicky as if the inner work I’ve done went right out of the window!  Why does this happen? ~Dana

  A:  ~ "Staying calm at your core will connect you more." –D. Melvin

You mention you may feel disconnected and lost, but from what you wrote in your extended question, most likely you still possess the tools you’ve been using all along that has kept you connected to your soul and Higher Powers.  You just have to reconnect to them again.

Regarding that panicky energy that starts to creep in, it feels like it’s your Ego trying to bring in or resurface some old emotional thought patterns that say you are less than love.  This is usually in response to a trigger via a situation or person.  Consider this to be an illusion, because it is, as you are certainly not less than love.  Often many forget they are ultimate love..One with God, always.

The first thing to do when feeling that uncertain panicky energy is to take some nice deep slow breaths while putting your hand near the bottom of your rib cage, and think or whisper, "I AM calm at my core, calm at my core, calm at my core".  Then allow yourself to be silent for some moments.  This will help you to acknowledge and reconnect to your essence, your soul..that energy that is keeping your heart beating and is connected to a Higher Power.  You see, when you feel lost, it is simply an indication that you are unplugged to your soul and Higher Power so to speak.  And all you need to do is reconnect again..something like putting the half out lamp plug fully back into the socket, which then turns the light back on.  Same concept.  Like my quote above says, staying calm at the core will keep you connected more.  It will help to keep you plugged in.  And this will invite your Divine support back which will shift and lift your energy back up, and increase your vibrational frequency.  During this time continue to stay in I Love Me mode, which will help you to continue to feel deserving of this Divine support and your connection to it.  You will know when this is happening because you will feel that wonderful releasing breath, and you will definitely find yourself feeling more at ease and at peace with the path you are on.  Enjoy your reconnection! ~♥

Q:  Dear Donnarose, I feel so guilty putting myself first, and then taking care of others whether it’s my family or friends.  In the old days, I would constantly do for others, and I would be secondary; And with that said, I found I got treated secondary.  I am more selfish now with doing things for ME over others.  Is that not a bad thing?  And if it’s not, then why do I feel the guilt? ~Ann M.

 A:  ~ " Make your own care a top priority, then you’ll be well-equipped to give others the attention they need." ~Salma Ahmed, Psychologist

Ann, I could write pages on this topic if not a small book.  The guilt comes because your current actions do not match what you were programmed to do a long time ago, especially when you have children.  And this was for them and everyone else to come first, and then you get to you…maybe.  This simply won’t work for many as far as having a long term positive outcome for anyone involved.  And this is the part I could write pages on.

Years ago, I’ve conducted many behavioral modification classes, and had so many resentful people sitting in my classes who clearly had deteriorating spirits and health.  They did nothing but put everyone first and deprived themselves consistently.  Just like the quote above suggests, putting yourself first in a selfless way keeps your energy and attitude happy, healthy and in balance, and enables you to help others much more to your fullest capacity.  It also teaches self-respect to others observing you.  It shows that you are equally important as those you serve, and so they will learn to think the same way.  With this kind of healthy balance comes the type of energy people want to be around, and may want to mirror as well.  The thing is, it takes a high sense of self-love to be able to consider yourself as deserving of the same priority loving treatment by you, as those in your care.  But this pays off big time, as raising the level of love for yourself, can only cause more love to come out of you.  And others will feel even more lifted in your presence.  And when this occurs, get ready for those around you to change their ways.  Those who are able to assist you more, will.  When children are involved, some may not be able to do much, but their energy will be calmer, because yours is.  So continue to selflessly love YOU and put yourself first, but without the guilt.  You will soon see that it will benefit all those involved and take everyone to Higher ground. ~♥

Q:  Dear Donnarose, my brother was diagnosed with cancer.  He means more to me than life itself.  People keep saying to stay hang in there.  Well how can I be positive when someone who means the world to me is suffering so much?  Aren’t people being a little insensitive here? ~Dan

 A:  ~"I am determined to live each day's moments fully."-Valerie Harper (diagnosed with terminal brain cancer)

~"It has been an extraordinary experience and, in many ways, extremely positive.-Marianne (On her successful recovery from breast cancer)

This certainly is a very sensitive subject indeed Dan.  My heart goes out to you as I went through this too.  Everyone has their own way of handling these types of situations.  It seems from all my experiences with people in my life with cancer, as well as helping others who’s loved ones have it, that it is actually a good thing to promote cheerfulness and familiar humorous stories to those who are suffering.  Years ago a great friend of mine who was very sick with cancer, said it was the best thing that ever happened to her.  I asked how could that possibly be?  She said it stopped her in her tracks and made her view life differently, that it changed her whole perspective for the better.  As those quotes above indicate, something clearly happens when this amount of suffering occurs that seems to be the common link.  And that appears to be a greater appreciation for life, and any moment they get to say they are alive.  The one positive thought can be how great it is that your brother has someone like you who loves him so deeply, supporting him.  If we are able to put ourselves aside and focus on the needs of the loved one with cancer, we will realize that it is indeed positive energy that is the healthiest for them to be exposed to.  If we are to give them a gift, it would be to exude great love and joy out of us for them to absorb.  Any of us who suffered in any way, maybe not with cancer, but in other ways, know that loving positive support makes a huge difference.  And humor does go a long way with people who are suffering, or at least a heartwarming story that will put a guaranteed smile on their face.  Now on the other side of this, is you.  To support others who are suffering, you must take care of your own health as well.  On your breaks, consider allowing yourself to do anything possible that makes you feel good.  And please refrain from feeling guilty about this, as going out to have some comic relief or fun yourself will help bring that happier (even if temporary) energy to your brother.  Laughter soothes the soul.  So as often as possible, allow yourself to comfort your brother with a smile rather than many tears, while silently thanking your angels for giving you strength through it all.  I send love, strength and peace to you both. ~♥

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