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DonnaroseQ:  Dear Donnarose, I’m the caregiver in my family. My father is ill, and my grandmother is in the hospital.

I have a special occasion coming up and I really want to be able to enjoy myself. But I feel kind of guilty as having fun and caregiving doesn’t seem to mix. Should I even go? Please advise. Thanks, Lynn

A: ~ “When caring for others, to avoid feeling depleted, do something for you, as often as needed.” -Donnarose  Melvin  

The energy that will come from you enjoying yourself even for just a night out here and there, is exactly what the doctor ordered for your loved ones. Adding yourself to the list of those to care for creates a healthy balance. This is one of the reasons there are respite services. This is essential in order to keep your own immune system in check. Plus, the positive energy you will feel during these breaks will emanate out of you, and will be felt by your father and grandmother. This will positively contribute to their well-being. You’d be surprised how immune systems are boosted in patient’s who watch comedy, or are exposed to heightened positive energy.  So go enjoy yourself as much as possible, and you will see a big difference in your caregiving, and how you feel afterwards. It’s truly beneficial for all. ~♥


Q:  Dear Donnarose, I work with this man Carlo, and we share this consistent amazing energy that I can’t even begin to explain. It’s like fireworks. He’s been on my mind so much, and I just don’t understand it. Could this be my soulmate? I’m happy in my current relationship. But I can’t help but wonder what I’m supposed to do about this. Regards, Anna

 A: ~”Sharing energy with someone that even creates sparks, when making a decision, go with your heart.” ~Donnarose Melvin

I hear this question pretty often. And the answers I receive from Spirit tend to vary, as this type of energy can mean different things. What I am getting for you, is that I feel you two shared an intimate past life together. But, I am not getting that you are soulmates. And while there are some people who feel a strong need to respond intimately to this heightened energy, I don’t see this happening with the two of you. But I am getting good vibes about the energy you are feeling. It’s almost like a positive alert where your souls are reconnecting, like a reunion. It’s ok to just feel at peace with that, and to enjoy experiencing that amazing energy without guilt. I often hear it eventually subsides. So enjoy it while it lasts! ~♥

Donnarose Melvin is a professional psychic, medium and energy healer, whose pleasure it is to assist clients worldwide. She incorporates knowledge from her degree in psychology, along with her clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and empathic gifts to guide her clients towards peace and success.  Please send your questions to or private message her via facebook: Soulfully Yours Donnarose.  She will select questions each month to share with you. Donnarose regrets that unpublished questions cannot be answered individually. ~ ♥

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