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Q: Dear Donnarose, I've been told for years in my readings that I'm highly intuitive, and did spiritual work during some of my past lives.  I wasn't surprised to hear this, as I see and know things before they happen.  But to be honest,  I'm fearful of this power and don't know why.  Please advise. ~Thank you, RC

A: “When we clear stuck energy from our past, restrictions that no longer serve us won't last.” ~Donnarose Melvin.

In your particular case, the fear is from feeling unsafe to connect with your gift due to persecution from carrying it out in past lifetimes.  As a clairvoyant and medicine woman, you were majorly condemned in your community, so the fear made sense in your past lives.  But in this life, spiritual work of this nature is greatly received, and some are even sharing their work on TV and social media.  It's widely known how this work helps millions of people. 

If you allow yourself to release your fear since it relates to your past lives, the freedom from it will allow you to use your gift to help guide you on your soul's path.  And as time goes on, you may even start feeling comfortable sharing  messages you receive for others.  Just be sure to always surround yourself with Archangel Michael's beautiful blue light, so the integrity of the messages coming in stays intact.

Now the thing is, with the energy work I do, I know it's important that in order to help clear the fearful stuck energy you're carrying, there needs to be some kind of peacemaking on the persecution part from your past lives.  So let's start you out with a quick forgiveness, energy clearing type prayer.  “Infinite Source, for RC, all her family members, their ancestors, and all their relationships throughout all time, space, lifetimes, past, present and future;  For all hurts and wrongs, persecution, injustice of any kind, violation of free will, any oppression, misuse of power, position and authority in any way, shape and form, and any other treatment that was the opposite of love from others towards them, and them towards others and themselves, please help all of them forgive each other, forgive themselves, forgive all people, and all people forgive them, be at peace with each other and themselves, no matter what happened, completely and fully, now and forever, please and thank you.” 

Like my quote above indicates, this short yet powerful clearing should help get you started towards embracing who you truly are, intuitive gifts and all. ~♥

Q: Dear Donnarose, why do I continue to receive negative treatment in my relationships with men, as well as at the jobs I have?  I truly am a nice person and love people.  I just don't understand it.  Any insight would be helpful.  ~DG

A: “When we raise our vibration and make peace with our past, the only treatment we'll allow, is the kind we want to last.” ~Donnarose Melvin

This is actually a common issue regarding relationships.  Even being a nice person, what often happens, is much of the let down and disappointment energy, whether from childhood and/or even as adults, if not cleared out, gets carried into the next relationship, job, etc.  Additionally, when we have disappointing experiences, it tends to lower our vibration.  And what resides at a lower vibration is unworthiness, depression, self-criticism and self-blame, feeling lonely, unloved, etc.  Carrying the past disappointment energy, and living at this lower vibration, will tend to bring matching lower vibrational treatment to your relationships and encounters.  And if nothing is done, this treatment will continue.  

The good news is you're at the point of realizing you no longer want to accept negative treatment.  This is half the battle already won.  And with this desire for change, comes the next key step which is to raise your vibration. 

This may sound too simple of a concept, but it's really very powerful and effective.  All things in alignment with love reside at a higher vibration, including kind and respectful treatment, as well as courage and strength to keep it that way.  What's also included when we're at a higher vibration, is forgiveness, which helps to ensure peace is made with past disappointments and let down.  Due to lack of space, please refer to 1st Q&A for an example of a forgiveness/peacemaking prayer, and add major disappointment to it.  Also please refer to the  link below on how to raise your vibration.  I have a big hunch that once you do all the above, like my quote indicates, you'll find lots of improvement with how you're treated, including appreciation for the nice person you truly are.~♥

Donnarose MelvinDonnarose Melvin is a professional intuitive medium, and also does powerful distant energy clearings. Her knowledge from her BA degree in Psychology, along with her natural intuitive gifts, have helped thousands achieve increased peace and success. Please send your questions to: or Facebook private msg her at Donnarose. She will select questions each month to share with you. Donnarose regrets that unpublished questions cannot be answered individually. If you’d like an energy clearing, or an intuitive reading, please contact Donnarose at the email address above. 

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