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DonnaroseQ:  Dear Donnarose, my fondest memories are during the winter holidays. However, most of the people who shared my memories are deceased. So it’s no surprise that I get the blues every year, and have to fake a smile at holiday gatherings. How do I change this pattern so I can genuinely begin enjoying my favorite holidays? Sincerely, Grace

A: ~ “The joy in your past is still in your heart. Let it surface, and make a brand new start. ” -Donnarose Melvin

You’re right by saying it’s a pattern that needs altering. And that pattern is in the form of your thoughts.

Also, what makes us miss the old memories the most, are the parts where love was felt. So when the source of this love is gone, many feel a void. Consider bringing into the present some of the things associated with love and the people from your past. At one of your gatherings, you can share a recipe, ornaments, or specific music, etc. Or consider creating new holiday rituals associated with love, and bring it to a place to volunteer, or to anyone you choose. The thing is, you may not be able to be with your loved ones from years past. But you can certainly share the memories and what represented them, which is love. ~♥


 Q:  Dear Donnarose, how can I tell whether it’s my ego or my soul guiding me in my decisions? And, how do I stay connected to my soul to avoid these constant detours in my life? Thank you, Christine

A: ~“Our ego has a need to control, while our soul makes inner peace its goal. ” ~Donnarose Melvin

If after you made a decision, you are still questioning it repeatedly with a tense and uneasy feeling attached, that was your ego guiding you. The ego loves to keep us at a lower vibration, and in a state of confusion and fear. However, when you make a soul-based decision, your shoulders leave your ears, you have more of a relaxed confidence about it, and you feel more at ease and peaceful. Now to stay connected with your soul, which is One with all That Is, keep your thoughts in the light, especially the ones regarding your Self. Incorporate some form of meditation in your day. Acknowledge and embrace the Divine Presence with you daily in the form of angels, guides, God, or whatever you call you higher powers. Trust and know that They are here to love, support, and guide you towards decisions that are for your Highest good..always.~♥

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