The Siesta Key Fitness Center changes its business model in response to COVID-19

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The Siesta Key Fitness Center located on 5243 Avenida Navarra has changed its business model and is now exclusively a 24-hour access, member-only facility. The change in business model was predicated by COVID-19 and the importance in keeping everyone safe.

“There is absolutely no way to run a low cost, all inclusive, extremely high volume, business model, and, keep people safe,” said Bruce Day, owner of The Siesta Key Fitness Center along with his wide, De.

The Siesta Key Fitness Center has always maintained a solid annual membership base, however, over 90% of all their business transactions came from the sale of day passes and week passes to visitors, according to Day. Now, with the implementation of their new member-only business model, participation and usage has dropped 90 % due to no longer offering daily and weekly passes to visitors.

“Last year,” said Day, “we did over 25,000 visitor workouts.” Very simply, in response to COVID-19, the future of the entire fitness facility industry can only go in one possible direction if it wants to protect members and keep them safe… more privacy through less volume.”

“Going forward,” said De Day, “instead of handling about 4,000 customers per year, we’ll be serving about 250.”

According to De, without the high volume of day and week passes, the Siesta Key Fitness Center customer base will now consist of four groups: 1) annual residents who live here year round, 2) folks who have second homes here and drop in multiple times throughout the year, 3) our northern friends who come and stay for five or six months at a time, and 4) our Personal Training client base. Adds De, “Anyone who works with a Personal Trainer at our facility does not need to be a member of the gym itself.”

“The membership options and payment plans vary,” said Bruce. “We offer a straight annual membership that can be prepaid or paid monthly, an adjusted annual membership for the in and out folks who love the convenience of not having to travel off the island, and partial memberships of one, three, and six months.”

In addition to significantly reducing volume and increasing the privacy, the Days also significantly invested in state of the art technology to further safeguard their members and also implemented other cleansing protocols.

“We just installed two, state of the art, 3-ton AC systems equipped with cutting edge UV systems, so our air quality is second to none,” Explained De. “Additionally, we are extremely diligent with our surface and equipment cleaning procedures, and we also have an amazingly cooperative and courteous member base, that takes the responsibility of helping to protect each other very seriously.”

Bruce further explained members can enjoy additional benefits of a reduced membership facility. “For instance,” said Bruce, “in addition to the new safety measures and because we’re dealing with a fraction of the traffic, we can now provide enhanced value to our members by way of free nutrition, weight training and cardio clinics, as well as free access to open house personal training sessions.”

Bruce and De wanted to thank all the many visitors who purchased day and week passes over the years and wanted them to know how sorry they were that the pandemic forced this change.

“We want everyone to know how grateful we are for the amazing response and support we have received with the new business model,” said Bruce. “People have always enjoyed the quality and convenience of our facility and now they are elated with the privacy and safety measures, as well. If you would like to become a member of our “island lifestyle” fitness center, please stop by during staffed hours, or call 941-349-8500 for a member enrollment appointment.”

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