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Great Blue Heron

You may see this stately heron fly or hunt along Siesta Key’s shoreline, but nesting pairs are not easily observed in the tree canopy several stories above ground or water. This particular couple was spotted on the mainland in southern Sarasota County. While the male selects the nest site and gathers sticks as building materials, it is the female who is the chief architect and builder of this roomy honeymoon suite. The open floorplan of this spacious platform accommodates the birds’ imposing height of 3.2 to 4.5 feet! Long legs and an S-shaped neck make for an expert fisherman who seldom tells stories of the one that got away. This agile hunter employs two basic methods: grab or stab. Most often, the great blue snatches food between its upper and lower bill as opposed to using its blade-like bill to pierce its prey. Either way, the unlucky fish, crustacean, mouse, frog, or insect goes down the hatch in one big gulp!

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