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Brown Pelican 

Pelicanus occidentalis 

Known for its distinctive pouched bill and portly stance, the brown pelican is one of Florida’s largest seabirds. With a span of 6 to 8 feet, powerful wings propel the pelican as high as 60 feet above water before executing a daring high-dive to catch fish below the surface. When this behemoth hits the water at 40 mph, you may wonder how it could possibly survive such a dangerous feat. The pelican’s signature twist-to-the left arc during its near-vertical dive protects its eyes and windpipe from being crushed on impact with the water. The pelican’s pouch expands like a parachute under water not only to slow the bird’s descent but also to trap the tasty fish spotted from high overhead.

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BLVD Beachwear

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Shelly’s Gift and Christmas Boutique

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