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Silver City Tide Away jewelry collection helps Mote Research

   Florida is our home, so for us at Silver City Sarasota it’s personal.  Florida is the dream vacation hotspot for millions of people around the world.  So why not help fund research to mitigate red tide blooms?

   “Having lived here of over 18 years, we had never seen or experienced a red tide bloom like the one that occurred in 2018,” says Monica, owner of Silver City Sarasota. During this time which lasted several months, Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium received over 1600 calls to its stranding’s hotline number about stranded or deceased sea turtles, dolphins, and manatees.  The amazing staff and volunteers worked non-stop around the clock rehabilitating and rescuing sea life.  Mote’s scientists were also working hard to monitor red tide. Mote’s researchers’ goal is to better understand how Florida red tide blooms form, how they dissipate and what effects they have on humans and marine animals. 

   Mote also operates the “Beach Conditions Reporting System” to keep the public informed on what was happening on 26 Gulf Coast beaches, updating the report twice daily.

   A very exciting development Mote has been working on is the ability to re-grow coral.  Coral reefs are natural treasures that cover less than 1% of the ocean floor, but support about 25 % of marine life.  Florida’s Coral Reef stretches almost 350 miles. Florida’s Coral Reefs has lost almost 90% of its living coral in some areas. Mote Marine Laboratory’s Coral Reef Restoration Program applies science-based strategies and their goal is to restore depleted coral reefs in our lifetime.  Mote has now been able to successfully re-grow coral through a process called micro-fragmenting.  

   We at Silver City Sarasota recognize that Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium is more than just a tourist attraction, they are a vital part of the future health of our beaches. To support the Mote’s research during the peak of the 2018 Florida red tide bloom, the staff of Silver City Sarasota designed and created a jewelry collection called “Tide Away”™.  The idea for the name came from the thought that we all want the red tide blooms to go away.  A very generous 25% donation for every item sold from this collection goes to support Mote’s red tide research.  The national average only donates 6-10 %. This shows how very personal and serious the Silver City Sarasota Jeweler takes its involvement in helping the cause. Silver City Sarasota continues to produce more products to enable locals and tourists alike to buy a nice souvenir and at the same time donate.

   The staff of Silver City Sarasota is very proud of the collection and asks everyone to join them in supporting Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium by purchasing a “Tide Away”™ product in celebration of the upcoming World Ocean Day on June 8th. The collection has the words “Save our Beaches” on every product.

   Silver City Sarasota is located minutes from Siesta Key Beach at 6539 Midnight Pass Road. You can help “Save our Beaches “ by going to their website and Click on the “Tide Away”™ Tab . Or you can phone in your order at 941-349-5030

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