Tweet Life – Anhinga “Snakebird”

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Anhinga • Anhinga anhinga

Nicknamed the snakebird in many parts of the world, the anhinga’s long, slender head and neck certainly give that impression while slithering just below the water’s surface. Its bill resembles a lethal dagger and the anhinga wields it nimbly to stab and grab any fish that gets too close. After each swim, the anhinga perches upon the nearest low branch, log, or rock where it spreads its wings to dry out soaked feathers. The anhinga is happiest near shallow freshwater lakes, ponds, and streams with edges sheltered by vegetation. On a warm, sunny afternoon you may spot an Anhinga soaring high above Siesta Key’s beaches. Much like a paraglider, the anhinga uses rising thermals from the hot sand to gain and maintain altitude. The bird’s outstretched neck, broad wingspan and long, straight tail give the anhinga a distinctive silhouette that resembles a cross when flying directly overhead.

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