Tweet Life – Eudocimus albus

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White Ibis

Eudocimus albus

The ibis is one of the many long-legged wading birds you will see around Siesta Key’s beaches, mangrove islets, and interior wetland areas. This eye-catching juvenile ibis sports orangey pink legs and bill whereas a mature adult is known by its deeper reddish pink coloring. Underneath its dazzling white plumage, the ibis hides jet-black wingtips, typically visible only in flight. In contrast with the heron who coolly stalks its prey with laser like precision, the ibis takes a more casual approach to foraging. Ibises are content to stroll through the wetlands, in chatty groups, with a certain nonchalance. A long, curved bill probes the mud to snatch hidden worms, crayfish, and crabs. The ibis is both a sociable and territorial creature. Community foraging, flying and nesting habits contradict the fierce, even violent, rivalry among males to protect their nest, their mate, and their honor.

Eudocimus albus

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