The Tweet Life: Northern mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos)

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A familiar sight on Siesta Key, Florida’s state bird lends its influence to American

pop culture, finding its way into songs, lullabies, and book titles.

As its scientific name suggests, this medium-sized songbird is a “many-tongued mimic” with a lot

to say — or rather, sing. Not only does it imitate the songs of other birds, but also the

vocalizations of other species like frogs, insects, cats, dogs, and even humans!

Still more amazing is this songster’s uncanny ability for reproducing sounds from inanimate

objects like mechanized machinery and car alarms. The mockingbird’s repertoire boasts

up to 200 different song types, making it a veritable flying jukebox.

Weighing just under 2 ounces and measuring only 8 to 11 inches from head to tail, the proud mockingbird packs a lot of moxie into its compact size.

Known for its high intelligence and extremely territorial nature, the mockingbird is capable of defending its nest from the attacks of larger predators like cats and hawks.

Siesta Sand
Author: Siesta Sand

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