Water main replacement along Midnight Pass Road to start in June

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By Rachel Brown Hackney


   With the Sarasota County Commission’s recent approval of the contract for the work, the replacement of a water main along sections of Midnight Pass Road near the Beach Road intersection on Siesta Key is expected to begin in June, county staff says.

   The bid award went to Douglas N. Higgins Inc. of Naples, according to a May 5 staff memo provided to the commissioners in advance of their meeting that day.

   The completion of the $409,708.50 initiative is anticipated in October, according to the most recent project fact sheet, which the SNL obtained through a public records request.

   The county paid $149,840 to Giffels-Webster Engineers Inc. of Englewood for the project design, that fact sheet notes.

   A water main, Trenchlesspedia.com explains, “is a primary underground pipe in a municipal water distribution system. It is a major artery that supplies water to smaller pipes on the way to homes and businesses. Water mains take clean water from a city’s [or county’s] water treatment plant to communities that need it, and it is a critical piece of a nation’s utility infrastructure.”

   “The Midnight Pass Road water main replacement project … is for the relocation and replacement of the existing aged and undersized potable [drinking] water lines,” the May 5 staff memo noted. “The new lines [also] will provide improved access for maintenance,” the memo added.

   Further, “The new lines will provide improved water quality and increased capacity to residents [and] reliable fire protection,” the project fact sheet pointed out.

   Residents in the immediate project area “will be notified by postcard of upcoming construction at least two weeks prior to the start of work,” the memo said.

   Funding for the work will come out of money dedicated to the county’s Capital Improvement Program, the memo said.

A public meeting was conducted on Siesta Key on Jan. 16 to provide residents information about the Midnight Pass Road initiative, the memo added.

Location of Midnight Pass water main replacement project.

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