What’s Blooming?

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What is a floral designer doing talking about plants and gardening…first of all, one must Grow it to Show it.  Secondly, one never passes up an article about growing and planting in the South when one is not originally from here!

Southern Living has the best Home and Garden pages for all parts of the South. To share their latest ideas for containers of the month, would be most helpful to the new arrival and the tried and true gardener. This time of year, our gardens, planters and containers look a little frazzled, and tired. Shall we say the bloom is off the rose.  To perk up an outdoor, patio, or balcony area find some sun shy plants at the local nursery. Look for cool leafy greens that will withstand the remaining heat of August and September.

Southern Living suggested varieties such as arrowhead vine, ‘illustris ‘elephant ear, ‘limelight dracaena, and caladiums. It was noted that these can be put into a tall container that should be watered slowly to be sure that the plant roots absorb the moisture.  Outside, on a patio, or balcony or in the house, this makes for an interesting display. If these are not readily available, ask the nursery for their other suggestions. These varieties can handle about on hour of early morning sun and will thrive in indirect light all day. It is fun to create a new planter to tide over the rest of the summer season.  Yes, I have learned that there really are Season in Florida…

Of course, if you are a fan of Southern Living there is a column not to be missed by the Grumpy Gardener that is always a hoot and quite spot on for growing problems here in our neck of the woods.  He discusses aphids, Japanese beetles, crepe myrtles and moth orchids this month. Just reading the article gives one an appreciation for growing and knowing about plants and gardens plus a few chuckles to boot.

It is amazing to see how prolific and beautiful everything grows with the abundance of rain and heat that happens here in the South every summer. Come to the Sarasota Botanical Gardens any day and see our lush gardens that our Friday morning group weeds, feeds and maintains and continues to create more beautiful areas. The grounds are kept up by our members all year round. Visitors are always welcome.

Kudos to these guys and gals who work out in the heat and rain to keep our grounds looking summer sharp. Also, be sure to visit our gardens in all their glory and come to the Sarasota Garden Club Flower Show and Plant Sale on Saturday, October 13, 9-4 to see what is really meant by you must Grow it to Show it.  Submitted by Barbara Rao, Master Floral Designer, Sarasota Garden Club

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