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An interview with Andres Colin

Andres Colin
Andres Colin

Mike Salesby Mike Sales

Whenever Andres and I play in the village on the same day, I can expect to see him headed down the sidewalk, stopping to have a few words with all of his friends along the street…it just comes natural to him socialize, he’s that kind of person. He’s also, that kind of musician…every time wander over to hear him, he’s singing and playing a different genre of song. In the same way he reaches out to colleagues and co-workers, he makes a connection with his audience by playing a variety of songs and styles, being sure to include something for everyone; so, it wasn’t hard to find him for an interview…

WPT: Where were you born?

Andres: I was born in Chihuahua, which is in the North of Mexico, but I moved all around the country, during my life and grew up, musically in the big city of Guadalajara. It’s where I began writing songs and performing.

WPT: When did you start playing music?

Andres: I started playing the guitar when I was 12 years old, because I went to a school where they offered lessons on different things, like guitar, flute, gymnastics and such, and my father told me that if I took guitar, he would let me use the guitar he had, so I decided to try it. I hadn’t any interest in it before that, but once I tried it, I loved it.

WPT: When did you start singing?

Andres: When I was around 15, and started writing at 16.

WPT: When did you come to Sarasota?

Andres: Around 8 years ago. My sister had moved here for work and I came up to join her and fell in love with the area and the weather.

WPT: How long did it take you to get traction as a professional musician?

Andres: I was a server for about a year. I did jams, but opportunities were limited until I began learning how to sing songs in English.

WPT: How long did that take you?

Andres: I already knew some English and was very familiar with American music, but it took a few years to get fluent.

WPT: How many cds have you released?

Andres: 2 cds; “Universal Universe”, which was released last year and the other one is called “Este Vida.” They both contain all original music and are available on iTunes and Cd Baby.

WPT: How many originals do you play at your gigs?

Andres: About every 4th song is an original.

WPT: What can your audience expect to see when they come to your gig?

Andres: They can expect to see a guy who builds songs from scratch. Using a synthesizer, accessed through playing my guitar. I stack piano, organ, saxophone and use the looper to play every kind of music you can imagine, including, reggae, blues, pop, rock, country world, Brazilian, Portuguese and all kinds of Latin.

They can expect to be entertained. I make jokes and interact as they dance, laugh and have a good time.

WPT: What’s your favorite kind of music that you play?

Andres: I enjoy playing Flamenco, but my favorite kind of music is the Bossa Nova, from Brazil.

WPT: What’s your favorite thing about being a fulltime working musician?

Andres: The best thing is that I love what I do.

WPT: What’s your career highlight?

Andres: Its not one thing, in particular, but my best moments are when people come back to see me, long after they heard me the first time and tell me how I had a positive effect on them, with my music. Sometimes, its just a good memory, but it can be very significant. I’ve had people tell me that I inspired their child to begin playing guitar. Being able to have that kind of purpose is definitely a highlight.

WPT: What are your career goals?

Andres: I want to continue playing more festivals and events. I’m also putting a regional music show together and working on a band project and an original solo project. I’m going to focus a lot more on writing and really try to hone my craft and record a new album of quality songs that really express what matters to me.

WPT: When you have night off, which local musicians do you like to see?

Andres: Well, I like to go hear you on my breaks… I enjoy Bryan Spainhower’s guitar sounds, he’s featured on my cd. I really enjoy John McLaughlin’s guitar skills, Ari’s (McManus) voice, love it and Scott Curts, I really like his style.

WPT: What is your message to your audience?

Andres: Yes…this is my day job, if they were wondering…actually, music is my night job, but my day job is to keep my night job and there’s nothing like live music, so come and see me!

For more information about Andres Colin, visit andrescolin.com

Mike Sales is a local singer/songwriter. For more information visit mikesalessings.com

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