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European Wines of Summer in your Own Backyardwine pairing pic sept2015

By Maureen Rooney, Siesta Key Wines

Last week a woman told me that she doesn’t drink wine in the summer because the weather is too hot. I should have asked her what type of wine she was boycotting, but refrained from being confrontational and figured it probably was red wine. It made me wonder if I was supposed to stop drinking water because it’s been too rainy. There are so many great wines for summer and just because the season changes, it doesn’t mean you have to give up enjoying a nice glass of wine with dinner or friends. Warm weather doesn’t mean you have to stick with drinking white wines. However, if you happen to love white wine, we have an outstanding organic Spanish Cava just for you! It’s full bodied and elegant with a bright acidity with beautiful notes of exotic and white fruits. Its’ name is “Bubbles, by Lobelia”, and yes, there are tiny bubbles. A very soft effervescence that has you thinking it’s going to be sweet, but ends with a bit of a bitter finish. This wine is made of Estate Grown 100% Organic Chardonnay grapes cultivated in the largest growing region in Spain, La Mancha, through biodynamic farming that is authentic and free from chemicals.

Also quite elegant is Lobelia’s Pink Bubbles, organically made from Bobal and Grenache grapes. It is light, crisp and very dry. Enjoy this sparkling rose as an aperitif or as a fifth course. Both of these wines are Certified Organic and Biodynamic in most countries including the US.

Taking a short jaunt over to France, did you know that the French don’t give up red wine in the summertime? No, it’s not just because their summers are not as warm as those in Florida or Ohio, it’s because they change the type of reds they drink for the season. Summertime is perfect for Cote de Bourgogne (pinot noir) and Cote de Roussillon (Grenache), both are light reds popular throughout France that pack a punch of flavor.

But the perfect wine for summer is the Bistrot de Provence which is made from the grapes of the finest growing terrain in Provence and offers zesty but delicate fruity flavors. A slightly tangy rose with a pale salmon color is perfect served as an aperitif. A blend of Cinsault and Grenache, Bistrot de Provence’s lively aromatic bouquet and silky taste make it a wonderful go-to-wine for every casual occasion. This wine pairs nicely with lamb chops, Mediterranean dishes, seasonal vegetables, marinated peppers and salads. I’m thinking how great it would taste with my friend Larry’s tabbouleh right now!

Take a moment and walk through your backyard and marvel at the great lawn or garden that you dreamed of all winter and that you poured gallons of your precious blood, sweat and tears into this summer. Can’t you just feel the need to savor and keep a part of it to enjoy when next winter kicks the heck out of it and you? Seriously, go ahead! Find that little spot in your yard that you cherish and plan a celebration with the perfect summer wine, a hearty, flavorful rose from Italy.

The perfect summer rose is Villa Gemma Cerasuolo. The Villa Gemma Cerasuolo is cherry red in color, 100% Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and is the perfect wine to celebrate summer. This wine has the mouth-feel of a red wine, but the irresistible freshness of a rose and pairs well with your best backyard barbecue. After a hard day of working in the yard you won’t be happy with a box store white wine, you want and need a hearty wine to match the hard work you have done. This is the perfect wine to match your effort.

Wines have always been intended to be enjoyed all year long. There really is no season or reason not to enjoy a great bottle of wine. . Now, pop those corks and have a great summer!
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